Natra starts production at its plant in Canada according to schedule

Natra starts production at its plant in Canada according to scheduleNatra’s production facilities in Canada are already operating

The factory, located in the city of London (Ontario), has started business with a team of fourteen permanent employees and a forecast of reaching twenty before the end of the year. The company expects to close 2015 with a staff of 56 people in this factory.

Along with the first production site outside Europe, Natra also recently expanded its commercial presence in America with the opening of a second sales office in Toronto, as part of the consumer goods division. This office currently employs a team of eleven people and is in addition to the existing one in San Diego (USA), specializing in cocoa derivatives

The new production facility has a total capacity of 12,000 tons, of which the company estimates to use 50% in the first two years.

Natra’s new site started its first production with hazelnut and cocoa spreads, although the company expects to incorporate production of other categories as new contracts are formalised and at sustainable levels of investment.

Consistent with Natra’s strategic plan for 2012-2015, the company is staunchly commited in America to diversifying its type of custormer, from Natra’s traditional specialisation in private label brands to major chocolate companies that will enable the company to soon incorporate new customers from Canada, USA and Mexico.

According to Mikel Beitia, CEO of Natra,: “The start of production in Canada according to schedule will allow the company to get the first results as of the third quarter of this year. Natra closed 2013 with a turnover in its cocoa and chocolate activity of 329.2 million euros, 10% of which from the American market. With direct manufacturing presence in the region and strengthened sales teams, we estimate that America will represent 15% of turnover in 2015.”

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